Similarities And Differences Of Science And Religion

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Zamora Gabriela Professor: R. Stringer Friday English 101 Class 12/05/14 Similarities and Differences of Science and Religion Where do we come from? Why are we here? And What is our purpose are questions that many of us ask ourselves sometime. During the debate on, Does Science Refutes God?, it is well seen that science can overthrow the credibility of God because science has a lot of relevant studies and conclusions, but it certainly does not refute God. It is clearly seen that shermer and Krauze won the debate because they had good information but D’Souza and Hutchison brought to the surface good information of how science does not refute god it coincides with God. In my opinion and based on the debate, I agree with D’Souza and Hutchison, that science doesn’t refute God, it tries to prove God. Based on our knowledge on science and religion, one can come to the conclusion that God is responsible for the creation of science, because science are trying to prove, how our universe came to be. Religion and science maybe two different bodies, but they sometime reunite when one tries to prove the other wrong. It is clearly seen that science and religion are two distinct points of view but that in some point tend to coexist with each other. We all know that religion and science have been the notion of many debates and disagreements between people for years. The truth is that people cannot leave religion behind because religion was the first source of knowledge of the universe for
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