Similarities And Similarities Between King Kamehameha And Martin Luther King

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King Kamehameha and Martin Luther King Jr. [MLK] were very similar and different. King Kamehameha was the first person in Hawaiian history to conquer all the islands. He encouraged trade and also made prices higher on trade items. Kamehameha was also very respectful and prayed to the war god Kukailimoku everyday. MLK was a civil rights leader and fought for African Americans to have freedom. MLK also wanted to have fairness between every skin color. He also had a very famous “I Have A Dream” speech and inspired many people to stand up for what’s right. MLK also led a very famous protest in nineteen-sixty-three that helped stop racial discrimination [March On Washington 2]. This protest was from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial [March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom]. Kamehameha and MLK were effective leaders because they both were very powerful and they pushed the limits.
Kamehameha and MLK were both effective leaders because they were both powerful and they pushed the limits . Kamehameha was powerful because he was the King of the Pacific Islands and he had lots of mana. Kamehameha controlled all of Hawai’i and told everyone what to do. Kamehameha also could create new kapu and could punish maka’ainana. Kamehameha pushed the limits because when he died, he made it very difficult for Liholiho [Kamehameha’s son] to keep Hawaii's economy the same. MLK was powerful because his voice was heard; what he said was very powerful and he protested for what’s right.

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