Similarities And Similarities Between Romeo And Juliet And Much Ado About Nothing

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One can find many similarities between most of Shakespeare’s works, however, this may only be because of the shear amount of plays he had written. As we see today, much of Hollywood can be broken down to the same bare bones structure of story, and Shakespeare is no different. Although these similarities may be noticed only within the context of the theatrical arc – comedies full of love and pranks, tragedy ending with a pile of bodies - two plays stick out far above the rest in their likeness; Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing. These shows, although very different, have an uncanny and alarming amount of similarities spread all throughout the acts. The strongest connections these plays have to each other lie within the characters and the themes and relationships included in the plot and they only differ in the way the story unfolds. Before going into the similarities of the shows, which there is an abundance of, the differences between the plays should be noted. The shows are most different in the ways they unfold. The most obvious example is that Romeo and Juliet is considered a tragedy and Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy. These classifications are easy to make because one ends with a marriage and the other a funeral. Besides their identification, the shows differ in the backstory and setting. In Much Ado, there are many different “houses” involved but none of which are feuding, and in Romeo and Juliet, no one has returned from war. The settings of the stories

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