Similarities Between Abraham Lincoln And Julius Caesar

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How are Abraham Lincoln and Julius Caesar alike? They were both assassinated, but they have more in common than that. We are going to find out what Julius Caesar Abraham Lincoln have in common. To do this, we must first know about their life independent. I will start with Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. During his childhood and early life him and his family moved 3 in their life. In was at one of these homesteads that Lincoln lost his mother. His father remarried a widow who had three children herself. His new step-mother provided Abraham more affection and guidance than his parent ever did. Abraham and his father had a very strained relationship; it only got worse when Abraham started reading.
On September 9, 1936, Abraham got his license …show more content…

Both Abraham Lincoln and Julius Caesar ruled a Country. Both of their rules was cut short by their assassination. Julius Caesar ruled Rome for a year before his assassination. Abraham Lincoln had just started his second term before he was killed.
Abraham and Julius both greatly impacted their countries. Caesar put more focused on the lower and middle classes of Rome. Lincoln help demolished slavery. Many people looked up to them because of that.
Both come from poor backgrounds. Lincoln’s family were poor farmers who moved several times throughout his childhood. Caesar’s family were also poor despite being related to Roman aristocrats. Neither of them let this discourage them.
Lincoln and Caesar were involved in wars. Lincoln protected and supported the Union during the civil war. Caesar was a soldier in many wars. Both were victorious in their wars.
Lincoln and Caesar have many things common, despite the time different in their life. We have cover what they have in common and the tragic end they both shared. Lincoln and Caesar will remain a big part of our life, even though they are

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