Similarities Between Antigone And Socrates

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Antigone and Socrates
Antigone and Socrates are two of the strongest voices in Greek literature. Antigone, the strong-willed idealist, and Socrates, the great philosopher, what would a conversation between these two in Crito entail? It is my belief that Antigone would do everything in her power to convince Socrates to escape. She intensely believes that their lives serve a greater purpose. In her opinion, it would be unjust of Socrates to give up his mission of philosophizing. Socrates would give her argument much thought, but his conclusion would not greatly differ from the original text. The old, tired Socrates would accept his fate, death, because it would be unjust to disobey the state. This scenario will explore the relationship between morality and the state.
Antigone strongly believes that there is a deeper order that all people should follow. This divine order of the gods surpasses the power of any government. The play Antigone (The Three Theban Plays) explores the story of Creon, the king of Thebes, after a great war led by two of Antigone’s brothers. One brother fought for Thebes, Eteocles, and the other fought against, Polyneices. Eteocles was given a proper military burial, while Polyneices was left to rot on the battle field. Antigone believed it would be unjust for Polyneices to be buried unproperly, as he would not go to heaven. The news of the Polyneices’s burial reached Creon and he sent out forces to capture the perpetrator, who was to be sentenced to

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