Similarities Between Aslan And God

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The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis, uses analogy to tell about God`s interactions with his creation and how great and loving God is. This analogy represents different things in the
Bible many times, from Aslan taking Edmund`s place at the Stone Table to making a new world, with a recognizable England and Narnia but better, in The Last Battle. Aslan is God in Narnia, or is he? I believe Aslan represents God, because they share some similarities, but they do have some differences.

In this essay, I compared God and Aslan as seen in the Bible and The Magician`s
Nephew, and have similarities and differences between Aslan and God. In the next section, the third paragraph, I have similarities, in the fourth paragraph I have …show more content…

However, when Aslan was creating Narnia, he sang, and when God created, He just spoke (Lewis 107 and Genesis 1). In Genesis 1, God said many times “It was good” for He was talking about His creation (Genesis 1). It also says: “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light (Genesis 1).’” There is a difference between singing and speaking. God created humans different from everything else he had created, molded in His image and likeness (Genesis 2), but
Aslan made a cabby and his wife the first king and queen, but he did not create them (Lewis 149-
152). The Magician`s Nephew says: “Aslan threw up his shaggy head, opened his mouth, and uttered a long, single note…when all of a sudden a young woman…and stood beside her
(Polly)…the cabby`s wife” (Lewis, 149). In other words, Aslan summoned the cabby`s wife to
Narnia (Lewis 149). When Aslan created the animals, they grew out of the ground in Narnia, but not in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1-2 and Lewis 122-123). Wait, this is interesting. In Genesis
2: 19, it says, “Now the Lord had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and birds of the sky (Genesis 2:19)”. Does the Bible mean it literally, or does it mean something else and C.S.
Lewis used it as a parallel in The Magician’s Nephew? Aslan sang while God spoke to create a world, and only God created humans in His image.
I view Aslan as Jesus in Narnia! They created worlds and inhabitants (Lewis 107 and
Genesis 1)! They know

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