Similarities Between Cheorge Orwell And Animal Farm

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Charlie Chaplin & George Orwell versus Totalitarianism
So far of what is known, there are 2 stories that was addressed and talks about different social values in society, whether it was through history or today. Orwell’s Animal Farm talks about the process, aftermath, and danger of totalitarianism in the Russian Revolution using allegories of farm animals. Pericles takes praise of his Athenian society while contrasting it with other societies in a funeral oration. There is another literature work that majority of people would find brilliant and somewhat relates to one of the learned works about social values in society. A speech made by the famous Charlie Chaplin, called “The Final Speech” from the classic 1940s film, “The Great Dictator,” includes many points that are associated with dictatorship and the free will of people. Chaplin’s speech and Orwell’s Animal Farm have quite similar in terms of technique usage and purposes to the audience. One of the many points “The Final Speech” and “Animal Farm” have in common is that it addresses the harm or the danger of totalitarianism applied to a society. …show more content…

The Great Dictator also discusses totalitarianism but in the form of encouraging people oppressed by dictators to go against them and to be free, as noted in the line, “Soldiers! Don’t give yourselves to brutes … Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men - machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men!” (Paragraph 5, Great Dictator) They both prove that totalitarianism is never the best government as they enslave the people, bringing them misery and suffering, and corrupt the government with power. They also encourage the oppressed people to revolve against totalitarianism and to be free as it was always intended to be. Both the Final Speech and Animal Farm are similar as they share positive points about never accepting totalitarianism into their

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