Two Totalitarian Regimes: Communism and Nazism Essay

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Two totalitarian regimes which are both political systems and influenced society significantly are Communism and Nazism. They influenced and changed people’s rights, their views on things and people in general. Communism and Nazism are the two totalitarian systems I’m going to talk about. They were spread in different areas, but both of them caused big consequences. Communism started in Russian and spread around in Eastern Europe and Nazism started in Germany and spread in that area. People have gone through many bad times when those two totalitarian systems were in power, but we can’t always say that people’s lives were better before they were in power.

As I already said, Nazism is a totalitarian system which was most present in
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This relation didn’t work out really well and so the support from the Catholic Church changed to an opposition. Hitler wanted power over the Churches; the pope got mad and proclaimed Nazism as anti-Christian. The nuns and priests had to live the blame and were sent to labour camps by Hitler as a response. Also a very important and hugely influenced social group were Jews. They were blamed for the loss of WW1 and Hitler thought that they were a social group which should be abolished and they were treated like a lower class. As we saw in the movie about Anne Frank, Jews at the beginning always had to wear a big Jewish star, the Star of David to symbolise that they were Jewish. When they went out they always had to have some papers with them and they actually could only enter shops at some special times. Later on, the situation got worse and innocent Jews were brought to large concentration camps and death camps from which in the end only a tiny amount of people survived. They had to live under terrible conditions like coldness, no space, starvation…

Communism was a pretty brutal party first introduced in Russia. Since people in Russia were not satisfied with their position in society and Tsar’s work, they began to lose trust in the power of usual government to solve their problems, they wanted a quicker change and they thought that that would maybe be the easiest to achieve if they would have a brutal leader. Communist party took control and their
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