Similarities Between Christianity And Christianity

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When comparing two of the world’s largest and oldest religions, Buddhism and Christianity, it is easy to find similarities and differences, even when these two religions developed thousands of miles, and 500 years apart. Both of the religions developed as reforms to existing religions (Hinduism and Judaism respectfully). Both of these religions have their founder as its central figure. Yet these two religions are quite different in their ideas about life, death, the nature of man and the nature of the universe. I will attempt to contrast these two glorious belief systems, Buddhism and Christianity, and show both their similarities, and their differences.
The Christian faith came out of a tumultuous time for the Jewish people. The Romans had just secured control of the Judea from the Seleucids c. 40 BCE, and even before then the people of Judea had not had the right of self-rule since before the Babylonian Exile (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, 2016). This situation left many Judeans searching their holy scripture for a sign that a new king would come and set them free from foreign rule. This king the Judeans would refer to as their mashiach (messiah). In the early years of the first millennium there had been many people who claimed to be the Messiah, but only one figure, referred to now as Jesus the Galilean, or Jesus of Nazareth, his name at the time was most likely Yeshua ben Yosef .
When Jesus arrived on the scene the Jews, though ruled by the Romans through
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