Similarities Between Christianity And Judaism

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With the mystical unions in both Christianity and Judaism, there are many similarities. One of these similarities is the celebration of a wedding. In the Christian tradition, the wedding is between Christ and his people. When a person gets ready to take communion, they wear their Sunday best and they have prepared themselves to receive the Lord and be united with Him. In the Jewish tradition, the wedding that is being celebrated is that of the Shekinah and the Tiferet. This union brings the cosmos and the Sefirot in balance, which causes a rejoicing because God becomes one. This is done by the lower worlds are reunited with the upper worlds, which allows God graces to shine down. This wedding also returns the Jews to their homeland and return the Shekinah from exile (Sherwin). The wedding is a big aspect in both Christianity and Judaism. Both of these styles of unification with the Divine is a type of normal mysticism. Normal mysticism is defined as” enables a person to make normal, commonplace, recurrent situation and events occasions for worship”(p. 33). Both of these situations are recurrent and are for everyday people. Anyone can participate in and get a feeling of oneness with the Divine. They do not need any special training or go on a mystical journey to feel the presence of God. It is a mystic experience that any normal person can participate in. Another similarity is the breaking of bread and the drinking of wine. In the Christian tradition, the breaking of
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