Similarities Between Genesis B And Eve's Iq

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Genesis B and Eve’s IQ Response
25 October 2017

The Genesis B poem relives the events the Milton’s Paradise Lost that lead to the creation of Adam and Eve and to Eve traveling down the road to a sinful figure as she is seduced by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree. Alain Renoir reading on Eve and her IQ appears to be criticism towards Eve and her actions from the creation story and how she is “held responsible for the supposed medieval attitude towards women,…” (Renoir 264), that “all women were as dumb as eve,…” (262). When I first read Milton’s story about Adam and Eve, I understood the fact that she was an original representation of women and how her actions make men in most of our history’s tales and adventures lead to the mistreatment of women through the coming ages to our present day. I believe that is why Renoir titled her essay Eve’s IQ; to question Eve’s intelligence and to show how sexiest both males and females can be in reaction toward the Genesis poem.
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She even tempted Adam at some point in the story to try and eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge thus showing the sexist views on how men are to be considered as more powerful than women. Of course, her actions did get her and Adam into trouble and into an unfriendly confrontation with their creator and even though they tried begging for forgiveness, they still were forced leave their
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