Similarities Between God And Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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The comparison between the two poems is kinda similar. they both have to do with something religious and it both talks about god. in Huswifery the guy is a sinner who wants to be pure and a saint. He basically tells god to make him a robe of glory and to make him into all these parts of a spindle. and he just keeps telling god to do this for him. And in Sinners In The Hands Of a Angry God talks about the same thing almost. In this one it talks about the sermon calmly telling all the people that if they don't go to church they will all go to hell and be tortured. And he also said that the only thing between you and hell is the air. He tried to scare all the people by how calm and how he put images in there heads. About god's wrath and how there

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