Similarities Between Hamlet And Oedipus

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Hamlet and Oedipus as Tragic Heroes The theme of tragedy is strongly present throughout Oedipus and hamlet. Both stories revolve around a plot of murder and personal loss. They consist of a dark mood and scenery as well as a tragic conclusion. A similar concept in the characters is their noble heredity and ideals. Additionally, they possess a mutual trait, known as a tragic flaw. Oedipus seems unable to manage his anger, causing him to act abruptly. Consequentially, he unknowingly killed his father in an outburst. He had experienced tragedy since the very beginning of his life. From his origin, he was disposed of and left for dead by his parents, such character may be classified as “ill-fated”, which is a similitude between him and Hamlet. Despite his early tragedy he had grown to have a prosperous life as a great king, with ideal traits in his personality. This lasted until he brought tragedy…show more content…
The said soliloquy shows him to be more melancholic, and desperate. In the beginning, his motives and feelings are clear. Hamlet is simply disgusted that his mother, who had appeared to be so much in love with his father, has married Claudius, which presents a related theme between the two stories, incest. For Hamlet as the play opens, existence is a burden, he seems tormented by the events happening around him. Although in the start, he conducted himself with more composure, his mood and actions become more manic later on when he meets the ghost. The subject of insanity is something he and Oedipus have in common. Furthermore, the misery hamlet shows at the beginning is comparable to what Oedipus develops in the end.
Oedipus was more ignorant towards the truth, regardless of how conspicuous it may be. He is unable to see the reality of his origin, and the realization of the oracle’s prophecy through his own actions. “I curse myself as well…if by any chance he proves to be an intimate of our
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