Similarities Between Identity And Identity

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True identity and purpose come only when an individual’s natural abilities are accepted, cultivated and directed towards mutually beneficial ends instead of destructive ones. In the film Predestination directed by Peter and Michael Spierig and the short story “Identities” written by W.D Valgardson, both have irony and the similar theme that humans are assuming identity more then discovering it. In both stories we see how biology is different than identity, which supports that who you are born to be, is different then who you become. In the two narratives both protagonists’ personal identities are in conflict with societies assumptions and conflict with their own predetermined biology. Identity can be assumed, manipulated and reformed based on society. In the film Predestination, Jane, as a women, desires of what a man could easily achieve, but she struggles to attain her ideals. Jane, wanting to be involved with space travel was incredibly talented and had superior attributes. Alas, at that time, society believed that women were the lesser sex, concluding with a tragic end to her dream. “You know how it is. People want to adopt a little golden-haired moron. And later on, the boys, they want big tits and pouty lips.” This represents how Jane, who is not quintessential regarding societies expectations of a woman, struggles to be loved. In “Identities”, identity is assumed by the police officer when the man in the Mercedes [Protagonist] approaches him with “his day-old

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