Similarities Between Johnny And Dally

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Have you ever been good friends with someone who is nothing like you? Or with someone who is exactly like you? Maybe you wish you had their qualities, or wish they had your’s. People are friends with each other for many different reasons, like Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston from “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton. They are alike in many ways, but also different in just as many ways. Johnny looks up to Dally and Dally looks after Johnny. Johnny and Dally have many similarities and differences that seem to bring them together. Johnny and Dally both do not have it so great at home. Johnny’s parents were always either abusing him or completely ignoring him. Ponyboy Curtis, the narrator of “The Outsiders” says “His father was always beating him up, and his mother ignored him, except when she was hacked off at something, then you could hear her yelling at him clear down at our house.” (12) When Johnny was in critical condition at the hospital after saving some kids from a burning building, his mother came to the hospital to yell at him and tell him how much trouble he was causing them. Dally does not speak much of his parents, but from what he says you can tell that his parents are the same. He says to Johnny “‘Shoot, my old man don’t give a hang whether i’m in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the sewer.” (58) Dally went to jail at the age of ten, and his parents did not even care. Dally’s parents are just as neglectful as Johnny’s. Johnny and Dally both really cared about

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