Comparing Johnny Dally And Johnny

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No matter the similarities, two people always have differences. In S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston show perfect examples of similarities and differences. Dally and Johnny possess many differences and similarities. Both Johnny and Dally grew up in neglectful homes and place little values for their lives. Johnny and Dally also have differences between each other. Dally and Johnny have different ways of seeing the emotions of people in the world. Dally and Johnny also have extremely different personalities. Dally and Johnny both have similarities and differences to each other. Johnny and Dally have similar upbringings, with their neglectful parents and abusive homes. While talking to Johnny, Dally says his…show more content…
(154)” The only one Dallas cares about is gone. Dally does not want to live anymore because he lost Johnny, so he decides to end it. Likewise, Johnny is being affected by his homelife so much, he has threatened turning to suicide multiple times throughout the book. Whenever Johnny is left to his thoughts, he reflects on his life. Johnny hates how his life practically revolves around fighting, the very thing he hates. After meeting Randy and Bob, Johnny tells Ponyboy, “ ‘ I can’t take much more’ Johnny spoke my own feelings. ‘ I’ll kill myself or something.’ (47)” Johnny does not want to deal with all of the stress that is being induced on him. Johnny and Dally both place as little value as possible in their lives. Johnny knows and sees the good there is in the world; Dally sees only the bad. When heading to the hospital, Dally rants to Ponyboy. “ ‘That’s what you get for helpin’ people. Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble. . . .’ (147)” Dally feels that there is no reason to help anyone besides Johnny. Johnny is the only one Dally cares about and he receives the ultimate demise as a way of showing how he should help people. Dally knows that if something happens to Johnny, he has nothing to live for. Unlike Dally, Johnny knows that somewhere, everyone has good in them. Johnny tells Ponyboy in his letter, “There’s still lots of good in the world. Tell Dally. I don’t think he
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