Similarities Between Macbeth And Arnold

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“Each Man is the architect of his own fate.” - Appidus Claudis. In other words, only you can be responsible for your destiny. I most definitely disagree with this quote. The reason I disagree is because your are shaped by all of your surroundings . This reasoning applies to Macbeth, By William Shakespeare to the main character, Macbeth. This quote also can tie onto The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie to the main character, Arnold. Both Macbeth and Arnold allow their surroundings to shape their destiny.

First, we will have a look at Macbeth, a man who absorbed all of the thoughts circling around him. Macbeth's conflict with his wife led him to make decisions that he did not exactly want to make. Macbeth had …show more content…

Arnold’s setting influenced his decisions .Being the opposite of Macbeth, Arnold let his surroundings convey into something positive. Arnold was cursed by being born into poverty, however this did not phase him. His parents did not have any plans for him, they wanted him to live on the Rez, since his sister had left. The Rez is a community for poor indians in which most people stay their whole life. On the contrary, this was not Arnold’s plan. Arnold lets his surroundings realize what's happening, “And because you're indian you start believing you’re destined to be poor. It’s an ugly circle and there's nothing you can do about it”( Alexie 2. 53). This portrays how all Indians are meant to be poor, that is through Arnold’s eyes. Arnold uses all of his surroundings to be a motivator. After Arnold got in trouble with his teacher, he came over to talk to Arnold, “‘ Where is hope”’? I asked. “‘ Who has hope”’? “‘Son”’, Mr. P said, You’re going to find hope the farther and farther you walk away from this reservation”( Alexie 5.163- 5.168). This displays how Junior needs to get out of the Rez if he seeks a better life than a normal Indian. Therefore, that is exactly what he

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