Similarities Between Storm Of Steel And All Quiet On The Western Front

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World War I was a deadly and difficult situation for all the soldiers who were impacted by it. These novels tell the story of German soldiers and their stories from this treacherous war but from different points of view. The two controversial novels, Storm of Steel, written by Ernest Junger, and All Quiet on the Western Front, written by, Erich Maria Remarsque were very widely talked about during their time and it has many differences and many similarities between them. They are both well known and were written on the same frontier; however, they were different in certain ways.
Storm of Steel shows a more realistic story of what happened in the war because it was actual events happening that he was recalling. It was definitely more patriotic in Germany’s sense. On the other hand All Quiet on the Western Front was fiction that may have not been as accurate as the other. It definitely criticized Germany more and showed less patriotism.
Remarsque had a worse vantage point of the war, he explains how the war caused a loss of unity in the German army. The two books have completely different views even though they were written from the German vantage point. All Quiet on the Western Front is about a German G. I. named Paul Baumer who is launched into war . Paul trudges through the war as they see the nightmares of war and what it has to offer. It is a fictional story so the accuracy of the events can be questioned. The story shows the dread of war and the mindset that led to the

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