Similarities Between The Book And The Movie The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Romance, love, and destiny. Connections are formed like bridges built of various things; love, trust, money, fate. Some bridges are stronger than others and some bridges connect people who perhaps shouldn’t be connected. The movie “The Great Gatsby” better expresses the romantic relationships and connections between characters. Between Tom and Daisy, whose relationship may have more to do with survival than love, with Myrtle and Tom, the bridge between them connecting two souls searching for something more in life. And then there are bridges like the one between Jordan and Nick, filled with lies and a bridge not often travelled, and if you’re lucky you come across a bridge like Gatsby and Daisy's, which is made of love but filled with obstacles. These bridges play a key part in the story and the movie most definitely does a better job at expressing these connections between characters. Tom and Daisy have a very complicated relationship and the movie better demonstrates their complex relationship than the book. The film shows all the small gestures they share, and the novel gives the impression Daisy somewhat resented Tom after Gatsby’s death, and the movie also humanizes Tom on a higher level than the book. In the film when Daisy told Tom she had never loved him while they were in town she immediately after addresses Gatsby with a cold reply detaching herself from the situation and seems angry at Gatsby making her tell Tom she didn’t love him (The Great

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