Similarities Between The Book And The Outsiders

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“But I was still lying and I knew It ,I lie to myself all the time but I never Believe me” Ponyboy had said when he said he didn’t like darry. This is important because it is acknowledging the fact we lie to ourselves all the time but the real question is do we believe it? Between the movie and the novel The Outsiders By S.E Hinton there is many similarities and differences and there is two recurring themes.

There are many similarities in the book and the movie. One of the Similarities is the allusion “nothing gold can stay” This is significant because this is a poem that ponyboy remembered when he was in the church that was fitting at the time. This poem is saying stay young stay innocent don’t grow up too fast like some of them have had to do. Another allusion that is similar is Gone with the wind. This appeared when Johnny bought a whole bunch of food and things for them when they were in the church. Johnny really wanted to read the book and it meant a lot to him. When he was in the hospital he asked for a copy of the book. The last similarity in the two is that ponyboy is the narrator. It is first person limited and we only get to see how Ponyboy sees the whole situation. We don’t get to see it through any other perspective Both of the book and the movie are set up like this.

Along with the similarities there are many differences in The Outsiders. In the beginning of the movie it started with a fight between some of the socs or greasers. In the book it

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