Similarities Between The Princess And The Frog Prince

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First I would like to explain that I truly believe that there slim to no reasons that the most recent story which is the princess and the frog relates anything to Grimm’s fairy tale The Frog Prince or Iron Henry. I believe this to be true due to the fact that there is only one similarity between the two stories and that is, that in both there is a princess that stumbles upon and frog and he turns into a prince.
With that being said I think this baseline plot was kept to create what is one of today’s modern princess stories in which a beautiful young girl must endure trials and tribulation to find love in not only an unexpected place but with a very unexpected person. In the newest version of the story we get our main character who is a …show more content…

Escaping alligators, hunters, trap boxes, shadows, the talisman, and Dr. Facilier. They finally find out that they can be turned back into humans if Naveen kisses Charlotte but the two decide to stay frogs and be happy together. They are later married by mama Odie but when they kiss they are both turned into humans, excited and surprised they both realize by getting married Tiauna was then princess. They then are married as humans and later receive the property to the restaurant. They both then begin to work, clean and decorate the restaurant and when it's done they are shown dancing and kissing on the roof.
Grimm’s fairy tale is very very very basic, it gives a small paragraph of a young princess who drops her golden ball into a very deep well. While she is sitting and crying a small frog comes along and tells the young princess that if she takes care of him and loves him then he will retrieve her beloved ball. She agrees and he does so, but when he comes up with the ball she takes off running back to her castle. Later that night the princess and her father are eating at the grand table when there is a knock on the door, the princess runs over and too her surprise it’s the frog explaining that he got her ball for her so she must take care of him, she slams the door in his face and runs back to her table so he yells out and he father hears him and demands of the princess that she must take care of him. Mad and upset she

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