Similarities Between The Sun Also Rises And The Great Gatsby

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“You are all a lost generation…” Ernest Hemingway writes in his book The Sun Also Rises. The lost generation often refers to a group of writers during the 1920’s; it consisted of many writers such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald and Hemingway were two of many great literary writers who attempted to change the world in a post World War 1 era. Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby both impacted the 1920’s world with their common themes and beliefs portrayed through their literary works. A similar theme between the two works was the impact the war had on the people of the world. The Sun Also Rises describes the adventures of two American men, Jake and Bill who intend to visit Pamplona, Spain. However, on their journeys, everyone seems to be in poverty or rapacious. Specifically, the woman running the inn where Jake and Bill stay is extraordinarily greedy and demands a payment worth a stay at a grand hotel. One can assume that Hemingway intended to use this literary character to represent the government’s hands, hungry for the people’s money. World War 1 heightened the need for money and elevated people’s sense of self-preservation. By representing the impact of selfishness of one unto others, …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald was written in 1925 during the post-war era. For that reason, a common theme throughout the novel was the portrayal of the consequences of actions brought on by the social normalities represented by the characters in the novel. Some characters, such as Jay Gatsby, are provided with many riches but are still unsatisfied and lonely. Mr. Gatsby states that during the war, he had wished to die. However, he was granted with riches and education. In his novel,. Fitzgerald intended to show the emptiness the world that it had brought onto itself. That is to say, the effect The Great Gatsby had on the 1920’s society was the guidance and awareness it brought onto the people after the

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