Similarities Between Things Fall Apart” by Achebe and The Second Coming by Yeates

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Essay-“Things Fall Apart”

The breakdown of African society has been steadily increasing through the last century and still continues to fall apart today as western civilization looks to extend it’s way of life. There is striking similarities between the book “Things Fall Apart” written by Chinua Achebe and the poem “The Second Coming” written by William Butler Yeats, that is concerning the demise in some respect of the African culture. The two pieces of literature shows from the African peoples point of view of the disintegration of their culture and beliefs, with the assimilation of Christianity and their belief in a singular god. What leads us to question why so many African tribes would turn away form their culture and the way of …show more content…

As time goes on the ideology of the Umofia clan changes to the point where it can no longer go back to the way they used to know which is in line with the poem that “Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the second coming is at hand.” This also helps to associate the destruction of their way of life, and the changes that have occurred among them, as been one that is not totally accepted by everyone in Umofia. The village however is not totally against the Christians arrival as they have bring education for the people, hospitals, and a market that helps to increase the flow of money into the clan itself which also causes some to abandon their traditional African way of life. I feel that the poem and the novel help to capture the way some will feel among the new kinship between the traditional African society and the introduction of the “white men”. Some will embrace this change as they see benefit in the new relationship with education, health care, and profits. However some will not embrace the change among the tribe, as they see how this new friendship is causing destruction of their culture and way of life. This continuing struggle is still being waged among many African tribes today. To me these pieces of literature help capture the ongoing

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