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    On June 13 1865 William Butler Yeats was born in Dublin Ireland. From the start Yeats had artistic influences, due to the fact that his father Jack Butler Yeats was a noted Irish painter. He had no formal education until he was eleven, at that time he started at the Godolphin Grammar School in Hammer*censored*h England and later he enrolled in Erasmus Smith High School in Dublin. Throughout his schooling he was considered disappointing student, his studies were inconsistent, he was prone to day dreaming

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    William Butler Yeats -     An Irish poet, dramatist, and prose writer -     Known for having intellectual and often obsucure poetry works -     Quoted to be “one of the greatest English-language poets of the 20th century” -     Even Received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923 o     What was most recognizable about that fact is that he is famous for his lyrical poetic works

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    Who knows when a Nobel Prize would have been given to an Irish man if it had not been for William Butler Yeats? William Butler Yeats is a great figure in the history of Irish poetry and playwriting. He wrote many poems and plays throughout his entire life. He was a very modernist man and many of his poems were based on this, they were ahead of his time beautiful and inspiring. What was behind William Butler Yeats success, and what phases did he have to go through to get there. This man has influenced

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    Living (Three Messages from Sailing) Who is William Butler Yeats? William Butler Yeats is regarded as one of the finest poets of the century. Also, his return to the past as one would say has helped him to have a place in the future. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, and Yeats was educated there and in London as well. The young man was very immersed into the barren mountains, and in the mythology and the legends of Ireland. From the Poetry Foundation stated, “He belonged to the Protestant, Anglo-Irish

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    Yeats Irish Identity shaped poetry, mythology and history, other Irish writers, folktales, Irish Theatre. Many people say that William Butler Yeats was the greatest poem writer from the 20th century but to him he was just an ordinary person that had a love for writing poems. William Butler Yeats was born on 13 June 1865 in County Dublin, Ireland to John Butler Yeats, a lawyer turned portrait painter and Susan Mary Pollexfen, daughter of a wealthy family from county Sligo Yeats's mother shared with

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    William Butler Yeats’ The Magi     Briefly stated, William Butler Yeats’ The Magi is a poem about people who, upon reaching old age, or perhaps just older age, turn to God and the spiritual world for fulfillment and happiness. We are told in the footnote to this poem that, after writing The Dolls, Yeats looked up into the blue sky and imagined that he could see "stiff figures in procession". Perhaps after imagining these figures, Yeats debated within himself whom these pictures could represent

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    “Leda and the Swan” William Butler Yeats’s disguised sonnet “Leda and the Swan” describes some details of a story from Greek mythology—the rape of Leda by the god Zeus in the form of a swan. Through the description of its physical characteristics, the swan becomes a violent force and possesses a divine power that violates Leda and initiates the terrible consequences of war and devastation. Yeats reflects on the actions described in the first eight lines of the poem, and challenges his audience to

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    William Butler Yeats is considered to be one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. As stated in an online source, “he belonged to the protestant, Anglo-Irish minority. Yeats was not a set person, in his earlier life he lived in London. Also, Yeats had a very interesting love life as a poet. It is very clear that he was an explanatory poet. Ones objective of this paper is to identify and discuss the significance of William Butler Yeats. However, the minority Yeats belonged to belonged

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    In William Butler Yeats ' The Second Coming, the poet makes phrases such as; “the best lack of conviction of stony sleep" (19) and "the falcon cannot hear the falconer" (2). The phrases are useful in suggesting various thematic concerns of the poem as well asserting separation of ideas and events that occur during the time when Yeats is writing his work. Different interpretations of the stanzas may bring a connection of the antagonism of people and events that Yeats foresees. For instance, the falcon

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    William Butler Yeats. William Butler Yeats was the major figure in the cultural revolution which developed from the strong nationalistic movement at the end of the 19th century. He dominated the writings of a generation. He established forms and themes which came to be considered as the norms for writers of his generation. Yeats was a confessional poet - that is to say, that he wrote his poetry directly from his own experiences. He was an idealist, with a purpose. This was to create Art for his