Betrayal Quotes In Frankenstein

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Betrayal is a major topic that many authors often integrate into their literature. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein betrayal plays a large role in the influence on characters’ actions and the consequences they face. Shelley explores the negative results that one can yield if they betray their values and those they love. In doing so, Shelley conveys that in betraying one’s moral obligations and their values, they often harm themselves and those they love. One of the main protagonists, Victor Frankenstein reflects this idea with him betraying his creation and abandoning his responsibility to take care of his creation. As a result, his own betrayal towards the monster creates a series of irresponsible actions that instigate his betrayal to nature, and his family and friends. To begin, Victor betrays nature with the physical creation of the monster. Upon giving the creature life, Victor becomes horrified of what he had created and essentially left the creature in fear. It is nature’s responsibility to create life, not mankind. Since Victor gives the monster life, he has created something unnatural and he himself even admits his mistake when he states, “I have created a monster.” To make matters worse, Victor had left his creation on its own when the monster had no prior experience in the world and was learning everything from this point on. The monster, at this point, reflected the innocent nature of a child and needed to be taught properly about life. Victor’s

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