Similarities Between Virgil And Medea

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There is a long story of women’s right and discrimination throughout history. In earlier days, women did not have any rights or the same type of gender equality as men, they were not allowed to work, study, engage in politics or even have a voice about their future. Also, they were not allowed to play any public role or “hold public office, represent anyone in a legal case, or even witness a will. Women had only a private existence and no public personality” (King & Rabil, 4). The discrimination against women was developed for a long time and it was very unusual for them to be considered strong and powerful individuals in early ages. Most of the poetry and written evidence we have from ancient ages, not only in Greece and Rome but all over the world were produced by and directed almost exclusively to educated man. However, Dido from Virgil and Medea from Euripides’s play Medea were very smart, powerful and influential women in the ancient Rome and Greece. These two female characters were seen as intelligent and assertive by society but they were also seen as very vulnerable and very emotional women. Both women fall deeply in love with a man and they are willing to do anything they can possibly do for their loved one. These two women were driven by love and emotions but they also …show more content…

However, Medea speaks up about her dissatisfaction with Jason, making the audience feel empathy and even understand her disturbing act of killing her children. Even after her terrible acts, Medea is not considered a monster. Her terrible revenge was only to pay back her unfaithful husband and to show society the consequences of all the injustice she went through. Similar to Medea, Dido is an outsider from the social norms because she’s not just a Roman woman, she’s also a powerful ruler who establishes her own city and strongly leads her

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