Similarities and Differences Between Cofer and Malcolm X Essay

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1. The three similarities between the Cofer and Malcolm X are very astounding. They both have an insatiable desire to learn and gives them a feeling of empowerment. In "The Paterson Public Library." She talks about how "She was absorbed by fantasy that gave her a sense of inner freedom and power." (Cofer 73). While Malcolm X states in "Prison Studies" "I never had been so truly free in my life." (Malcolm X 84) Hinting at the fact of how it freed his mind. Both of them were alienated. In "Paterson Public Library", "she was afraid of being beaten up by a black girl and the library became her sanctuary." (Cofer73). While in "Prison Studies" Malcolm X was incarcerated and alienated from society and the learning that went on within his …show more content…

She states it very clearly when she says: "Books represent my spirital life. A library is my sanctuary." (Cofer 75). Basically she is telling you that gnosis is a gateway to freedom and in my opinion (metaphorically) possibly one day if the stars align properly in the age of aquarius maybe apotheosis. 5. The library is a temple for your mind to grow in thought and manifest into empowerment. 6. Malcolm X shows how important it is to expand your horizons within your mind and how it gave him the insight to take action even after being down and out. Even though he was at a disadvantage in society. People saw how he could communicate and associated him with a man that had went through a respected school system. One man even asked of him: "What's your alma mater?"(Malcolm X 85). From prim & proper London. Mistakenly confusing him with as an alumnus. This is just an example of how one can be percieved by the world if one has expanded their horizons, mind and how this could turn into oppertunities for the individual. 7. Two subthemes of the Malcolm X struggle is the fight for equality among the black community and how something bad in life like prison can be turned around into a positive with a determined individual. 8. I can relate to both of these stories. I tend to relate more to the Malcolm X story. I dropped out of school in the tenth grade and did not recieve my GED until I was nearly

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