Simon Wiesenthal 's Search For Escaped Nazis

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Simon Wiesenthal, arguably the world 's most well-known Nazi-hunter, stood as a symbol to the Nazis scattered around the world. Simon Wiesenthal 's search for escaped Nazi war criminals consumed his life post-war as he was one of the sole seekers of justice for the victims of the Holocaust. In the years of Wiesenthal 's life, he faced many hardships, not only in the Nazi 's labor camps and death camps, but after the war as he pressured the world to convict those responsible for the Holocaust. Simon Wiesenthal relentlessly sought out escaped Nazis because he felt that there wasn 't enough being done to bring justice to the Nazi war criminals, and in general, the world should have done more to capture the escaped Nazis instead of letting those responsible for the Holocaust get away. On December 31, 1908, Wiesenthal was born in Buczaca, now a part of the Ukraine ("About Simon Wiesenthal"). Young Wiesenthal, from 1928 to 1932, attended Technical University of Prague for architecture after being turned down from Polytechnic Institute in Lvov because of quotas on Jewish students ("About Simon Wiesenthal"). Not long after Germany and Russia partitioned Poland, Nazis started the "Red purge of Jewish merchants, factory owners, and other professionals"("About Simon Wiesenthal"). Wiesenthal was turned into the authorities one day, and forced to moved out of the city not because he was a Jew but rather because he was a capitalist (Segev 42).Wiesenthal bribed the police to let him stay

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