Simulated Violent Video Games

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Simulated violent names have been given a bad name because the title consists of violent which the superiority of the general population thinks is a negative piece. But people need to look past the title to see that the positives outweigh the negatives, these games can develop teamwork and deeper thinking, some might be confused by how teamwork is connected with video games, but simulated games can be more than that, like a big water gun fight or a paint ball war, these are only a few examples. One of the two most important thing that the simulated games teach us is teamwork, a school hosts and plays a big water gun war. They are split up into teams and the tactics used to triumph can only be achieved by teamwork and shrewd thinking. “...,Jake…show more content…
Some evidence of this is seen when the referee starts planning, “... I have arranged at least one boyfriend-girlfriend kill that could be interesting.” But what this showed is a referee can see the irony in his actions instead of the desire to tear people apart. These simulated games can only bring people together. And if these games do rupture relationships than those people are too competitive. Also the essences of these games are supposed to be entertaining and lively the people who make these games only intend good and if people who play game don't see that then they shouldn't play. Simulated violent games have more positive outcomes than negative outcomes. The most important idea to see is that these games evoke a certain amount of deep thinking that will help the player grow and knowing that there can be a debate between if it helps or not but when looking at the big picture it shows that simulated games can be very helpful in certain situations such as a team environment or help the player understand real life situations that the most likely will not experience without the visual of the simulation. How could these simulated games help

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