Singapore And Singapore : The Cultural Milieus Of Singapore

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The Cultural Milieus of Singapore
Fabienne B. Bernard, SPTA
South University

Singapore is a city-state, similar to the Vatican City in size and title, that is situated in Southeastern Asia. Singapore and Malaysia are a mixing pot of many different cultures that have immigrated other Asian cultures and found a new home in the sovereign country. It is fact a country as of 1819 and like many other countries has its own flag, national anthem, government laws, and cultural norms. It is best to break down the country and look at the many religions and cultures that create Singapore and look at it all as a colorful and diverse jigsaw puzzle. This is just to get a better understanding of the culture and its people.
Singapore is a small country located in Southeastern Asia. The Country is made up of 63 islands as is one of the smallest countries in the world spanning close to 300 squared-miles. Singapore lies at the far southern tip of Malaysia, just above the islands of Indonesia, and is commonly known as “The Little Red Dot” because of its depiction on the Eastern-Hemispheric map. Singapore is not just a country but a city-state, all that means is that the city at the time was part of another country, but declared independence in February of 1819. The city-state is now in charge of its own government and is not affected by the laws of the countries that surround it. Other city-states include the Vatican City, sovereign home of Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, near

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