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“Music speaks what cannot be expressed soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul”. - Anonymous. Music can be a big part of people's everyday life to calm down, to have fun, but do they really know the progress it takes to make those songs, to sing them? There is a progress leading up to making the perfect song. Like the voice pitch, the warm-ups so the voice isn't scratchy, but is warmed up and ready for singing, and the type of genre that the artist is singing. There are many different types of voice tones. Like, Sopranos, Altos, Bass, Tenors, Soprano one, Soprano two, Mezzo- Soprano, Contralto, Countertenor, and Baritone. Are all different voice ranges for music.
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One warm-up is numbers. So what happens is when singing all the numbers starting with one then counting up one number, then going down all the way back to the number one.Like this, one, one two one, one two three two one. Then go all the way up to eight, but when singing this the voice range gets higher and higher when counting up. Although when counting down the voice range gets lower. After counting all the way up to eight, count down starting high and with eight, like this. eight, eight seven eight, eight seven six seven eight. Thats one warm-up that is good for warming up the vocal cords and is just fun to do. We warm-up our voices before singing because the vocal cords could get strained or raspy before warming up. If the vocal cords aren't warmed up before singing, the singing would sound all scratchy and it won't sound the same. Warming up helps the voice by preparing it for what it awaits for before singing. One other warm-up is called ABC’s. This helps warm up tongue and lips. Start by singing the alphabet in the voice range of choice.Then after that say it in a higher octave and then from then on keep going up and then say it faster and faster as the voice gets higher and higher. Now all we need is a good genre to…show more content…
Is it rap, pop, opera? Exactly we need to know, but how many genres are there? Well there's rap/hip hop music, it isn't really sung more like saying something really fast with a cool beat. Pop is written songs from the heart based on a tune of the artists choice with meaningful lyrics at times. Opera is good when singing if a Soprano, Soprano one, or Soprano two. Because of how high the voice is, but for when it's good for how low the voice is. Country music, well that's another story. Country is like a mix of all types of voice ranges made into a good song about drinking and heartbreak. Like Carrie Underwood is a country singer and her voice range is a Soprano. And as for Luke Bryan he is also a country singer and he is a High Baritone. So as we can see everyone has a different voice range, genre and they are all just good
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