Single Mothers Stereotypes

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Single mothers are constantly put down and defined as bad by the world. Why does the world get to decide who single mothers are? I started my research on single parents although I found most of the negativity was towards single mothers. Society, stereotypes and the media have all given single parents a bad name. These negative things so often said affect the daily lives as well as the future of single parents. Because of the media, society and stereotypes, single mothers do not further their education, have low hopes for their future, themselves and their parenting; the media and society should recognize single mothers and their hard work.
Stereotypes, Society, and the Media have a great affect on single parents. When looking at common stereotypes …show more content…

Many single mothers do not further their education because they are led to believe they can’t. According to Emily Badger and the Census Bureau “Women who weren't married when they had their first child… were less likely than women who were married at first birth to have a high school diploma.(1)” There it is seen that single mothers are less likely than married mothers to have an education. My mother as well as my friend’s mother are single mothers; I took the liberty to ask the reason behind not furthering their education. Both responses were quite similar, my mother Martha stated “Once I found out I was pregnant I forgot about any dreams for my future. Women were led to believe your life is over when you have a child. Your life is now solely dedicated to raising your kids.” Women think that once a child is born they are to work and support their children nothing more.
I am a teen mother and I strongly believe single mothers are powerful and can do anything any other women can do regardless their marital status. I have reason to believe these things. I attend a teen mom school, we often have great single mom guest speakers who speak of their success. Listening to the stories of single mothers who everyday fight the ongoing battle of stereotypes, and win is inspiring. Being a single mother and successful is possible, society wants people to believe

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