Sir Isaac Newton And Albert Einstein

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Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are though by many to be two of the greatest scientific minds to exist since the scientific enlightenment. Although they existed nearly 150 years apart, their work is still used in modern technology. Many people think of Newton only as the person who thought about gravity and Einstein as the one who made an equation, but these two scientific revolutionaries are much more complex. Newton and Einstein may have had very different personal lives, but they are both scientist whose contributions to society are still relevant today.
On January 4, 1643 Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire, England according to The soon to be revolutionary came from humble beginnings. Newton’s father, a …show more content…

For the first time, he graduated with the highest honors. During years of multiple marriages and affairs, Einstein rose to fame in science. During this time, he also became very outspoken against racism as a result of the events in WWII Germany and twentieth century America. Seventy-six years later, he died of a rupture in his aorta in New Jersey said.
Isaac Newton is seen by historians as an unusual man while Albert Einstein, not seen as a social butterfly, is a lot more conventional than Newton. To begin, Newton is reported to never have any romantic contact with anyone. Even when his life settled down, he did not get married as most of his colleagues did. On the other hand, Einstein’s fascination with women is profound. In most of his personal papers, he talks of how monogamy is not a natural human idea and he never is loyal to a single woman. He is reported to get married twice. On a different note, the religious beliefs of the two men varies greatly. Newton has written many books on his strong Christian beliefs. All of his work strengthened his belief in God. In contrast, Einstein would never accept a personal God and his belief in one is at discussion to this day. Even though they have great personal differences, both men are scientist and have a child like wonder that propels their work.
Secondly, the work of both men is similar yet contradictory.

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