Sir Walter Raleigh's Journey

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Sir Walter Raleigh was brought to this world on January 22, 1552 (or 1554) in East Budleigh, United Kingdom. He died on October 22, 1618, in London, United Kingdom. Raleigh was a writer, poet, and an explorer. Went to Oxford University, then later on Raleigh went to London to study in the laws. On 1578, him and Sir Humphrey Gilbert, he’s an explorer and his half brother, sailed to America to find the colonies that are in America. Raleigh found the first English Colony in America on Roanoke Island, which is North Carolina, he discovered this in 1585. When he discovered the first colony in America, he brought back potatoes and tobacco to Britain, made smoking a popular thing. Also, Raleigh became a member of the parliament, was received extensive estate in Ireland. Then, Raleigh became Queen Elizabeth 1 favorite, …show more content…

Sir Walter Raleigh was sent to London of Plymouth by a guy name Sir Lewis Stukeley. Raleigh had plenty of times to escape London. Raleigh’s head was head chopped off on October 29, 1618 at the Palace of Westminster. Raleigh made smoking popular in England, also he left a tobacco pouch in his cell, shortly after he was executed. His head was presented to his wife and his body was buried in a church in Beddington, Surrey, where the home of Lady Raleigh. Lady Raleigh kept Raleigh’s head in a bag until she died. When she died after 29 years ago, Raleigh’s head was returned to his tomb, where his body lays there. Raleigh’s death was seen by many and many of people throughout the kingdom in England. While he was an explorer, he was also a poetry writer. Raleigh’s writing was about love, beauty, and time. Raleigh’s poems were mainly short and inspired by real life events. The capital of North Carolina was named after Sir Walter Raleigh in 1792, he was sponsored by the Roanoke Colony. In Raleigh, North Carolina, they also have a statue of Sir Walter

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