Siri : The Intelligent Personal Assistant

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Sandra Bitar Professor Matthew Ward Coms 151 5 October 2015 Siri: The Intelligent Personal Assistant Thesis Statement: Siri is a an intelligent personal assistant found in iPhones that performs functions that cater to our society’s love of new technology and gadgets, as well as our need for them to be fast and effortless. Introduction I. Could you imagine yourself in love with a computer? The 2013 movie ‘Her’ depicts a man who falls in love with his hyper-intelligent computer operating system, leaving audience members to think about their own love for their devices. II. As an avid user of the iPhone, this communication technology is something I use often for multiple reasons. III. The value many of us place on fast and friendly technology had led to the development of programs that allow for more efficient communication. These programs have changed the way our own society communicates with one another and receives information. IV. One of these programs is Siri, an intelligent personal assistant found in the newer generation iPhones. I will be discussing what Siri reveals about its users, Siri as a result of society’s need for fast and effortless technology as well as attachment to phones, and the ways in which Siri is being used to communicate and receive information. Now that I introduced you to my topic, let me begin by talking about what using Siri reveals about its users. Body I. Utilizing Siri reveals that the user is willing to adapt to technology and it’s most
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