Sister Françoise: A Short Story

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Ménage à trois
Sister Françoise withdrew her legs from under her stiff cotton sheets, swung them over her bed, and pressed the balls of her feet into the rigid and frigid concrete floor. Pushing herself off of the bed and into a stretch, she squinted as a brilliant beam of morning light flooded through the room’s sole window and pierced her eyes. Noticing her roommate, Sister Agatha, was still enveloped in a deep slumber, Sister Françoise dressed with haste and hurried off to begin her morning duties.
She first stopped at the convent’s communal bathroom to brush her teeth and fix her hair. After placing her locks in a romantic plait, Sister Françoise dragged her tortoise-shell brush through her wispy strawberry-blonde bangs. She returned the ornate brush to the surface of the porcelain sink, where it rested with it’s ivory cameo face up. Sister Françoise smirked, knowing that the brush was envied by every nun at Saint-Etienne du Mont Church, and wrapped up her morning routine by placing her habit atop her head.
Scurrying down the corridor that connected the convent and the actual church, Sister Françoise was careful not to spill the flask of holy water. One of her responsibilities was filling the fonts that …show more content…

Adhering to her responsibilities, a shaken Sister Françoise arrived at the kitchen where she began preparing the day’s meals. As she kneaded her disgust, sorrow, and anger into a overworked batch of dough, a single tear rolled off her cheek and landed with a plop on the flour covered countertop. Slamming the dough down, she removed her apron and returned to her room. Finding Sister Agatha missing, Sister Françoise impetuously packed a bag containing her few belongings, but chose to leave behind her beloved hairbrush on Sister Agatha’s

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