Nora And The Old Woman

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Upon arrival at her home, Nora had introduced Phillip to the old woman, and the short, frail, ghostly white haired grandmother at first took him as being just another ordinary youth. Yet, another new friend of her granddaughter’s like all the others. Nothing more than a purely random boy with brown hair and matching eyes, who like Nora and her other ordinary friends, shared similar interests. And, with that first glance, Grandma Helen didn’t seem to pay much mind to Phillip, just merely saying hello in her cordial, old-timer way. Her fragile voice wavering in her dotage as she welcomed him to her home. She then scurried off to the kitchen like a mouse to do what grandmothers and great grandmothers do best, in preparing some hot chocolate …show more content…

And also to the fact that her home resided in the State of Wyoming which thankfully ended up being many hundreds of miles from where even the nearest of fighting or detonations took place. But, she also has freely admitted that a fair bit of luck with her health and longevity never hurt either. Eventually, at her own pace, Grandma Helen returned to the living room where by then everyone had already gathered around the fireplace. In her hands she held a silver tray with several ceramic mugs resting comfortably atop and a steaming pot of coco which stood towering at its center. Leland quickly got up upon seeing Nora’s grandmother reenter the room with the tray and he took what was surely a much too heavy burden from her slender, laden arms. Nora and Claire then helped ease the old woman back into her well-worn rocking chair which sat in a corner of the room next to a reading lamp and only a bit of distance from the fire. The idle chatter then began again and at first it lingered about nothing in particular as everyone enjoyed their warm chocolaty drink. But then it transitioned over to the Christmas holiday which was fast approaching. By 9 p.m. Grandma Helen had made her way over to a storage cabinet on the opposite end of her home to retrieve some extra blankets so that Nora and Claire could take to fixing up the sofas for Phillip and Leland, giving them a place to bed down for the night. It

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