Sister Of My Heart Essay

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In the novel Sister of My Heart, the writer has artistically portrayed the physical and psychological tensions and tortures to which women are subjected. She has created a new empowering image for women. The diversity of women and the diversity within each woman is portrayed through Anju and Sudha. Divakaruni poignantly explores the struggle of Indian women as they seek new pastures in a world that would have them remain submissive. Her characters struggle to release themselves from a tradition bound society in order to gain an independent identity. There is a shift from being controlled through tradition to asserting.

Independence, whether it is in California, Chicago or Calcutta, women should learn to adapt and as a result, they have to discover their own sense of self amidst joy and sorrow. Divakaruni, as a proficient story-teller, weaves elements of everyday life and dreams into engaging, seamless tapestries. They are as truth-filled as they are complex, wonderful, captivating and beautiful. …show more content…

The painful raptures emerged out from Anju‘s heart who gave all her heart and considered that Sudha was the sister of her heart. Sister of My Heart and The Vine of Desire together reveal the truth that though friendship reaches new heights in sisterly love, In the normal sense, it is a general phenomenon that, women cannot simultaneously sustain two fervent relationships. Unequal marriage and equal friendship remain contradictory and opposing.(Janet,1980:68). The story of the disintegration of the marble palace anecdote shows the male chauvinistic elements in the psyche of any male. The marriage between Ashok and Sudha take place but he is not ready to accept the child she carries. This is because the foetus is a female one. But Sudha, being a woman of strong will refuses to accede to the demands of

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