Site Selection : Locations With Nest Boxes

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Site selection - Locations with nest boxes were found primarily by contacting Minneapolis Parks and Recreation. We were given a list of parks and golf courses that potentially had nest boxes, 7 of which we visited. Additionally, we located several boxes on the St. Paul campus. 77 cases were collected from these sites. The sites we visited were chosen in an effort to obtain data from a wide range of urban ratings, so we selected a range of less disturbed natural areas, urban green spaces, and more developed sites. Species identification - Species identification was obtained by using the nesting material. Internet sources such as Nest Watch and the Cornell Ornithology Lab allowed us to make accurate identifications. In cases where we were unsure, we asked a grad student who has worked on nest box projects to confirm our identifications. In some cases, species identity had been previously recorded and the nest or nest boxes were later removed, so we obtained our species data from these sources. This happened in both Como Park and North Mississippi Park, where they record nesting attempts every year. Habitat data collection. Once at a nest box, we used a meter tape measure to mark a 20-meter diameter circle around the site. Two variables were measured in the near-site area, both within and surrounding this circle, and five variables were measured within the circle. First, the urban-natural rating was taken by evaluating the general surroundings of the nest box. This is a

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