Sitting, Stuck Between Two Career Paths With The Rest Of

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Sitting, stuck between two career paths with the rest of my life on the line, and the pressure of choosing between counseling or teaching is near overwhelming without weighing the pros and the cons for my final decision. Deciding a career that you potentially want to have for the rest of your life is nerve racking, especially when you can’t decide between several. In my case, I can’t decide between teaching in the special education department, or becoming a high school counselor. There are upsides to both jobs as well as downsides, but the one thing they have in common is that they both involve helping others, which ultimately doesn 't make my decision any easier. They are two drastically different careers, yet oddly the same which is …show more content…

Let’s start with the good stuff first shall we. The biggest pro of being a special education teacher would be the ability to help the students grow and adapt as members of the society as well as within themselves. Learning how to adapt to and accept a disability can be hard, but with a little encouragement and compassion it is possible. Every living creature needs little love in their life, and it would be no different in the case of these students. The idea that you have to dress, look, and act a certain way to be accepted and “fit in” is absurd. No two people are the alike, so why should we all conform to fit a societal standard. Being able to teach students with disabilities about self-love and embracing the very thing that sets them apart from the rest of the world, would be extremely worthwhile. Everyone is beautiful and getting those kids to believe that about themselves would help them to build confidence and gain skills to succeed in everything they attempt. This is a belief that I gained from a special education teacher at my own high school, Judy Smith.
Judy was an amazing person, she was a strong, joyful, hard-headed, stubborn, and wonderful woman. She is the reason I am even considering this career at all. Judy was compassionate and loving towards each and every student. She truly believed in them no matter what their disability might have been. She taught them how to cope in the real

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