Six Causes of Impaired Driving Essays

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Six Basic Causes of Impaired Driving Advanced Age, Alcohol, Drugs, Emotions, Fatigue, Inexperience Why is impaired driving an issue and why should you care? You are only as safe as the other drivers on the road. If there was an impaired driver on the road that was distracted and, for example, ran a red light, and you were the car who was just following the rules and going through a green light, and they hit you, you are now hurt and have to deal with this issue. Impaired driving does not just affect the driver who is impaired but also others who are on the road as well. Impaired driving is a very serious and dangerous issue that many people are charged and prosecuted for. The six basic types of impaired driving are alcohol, advance…show more content…
Drug-impaired driving is becoming a much more common issue on Canada's streets, and the number of people driving after taking drugs is greater than those who drive after drinking. Regardless of public perception that drugs may be less harmful to drivers, evidence is growing that drug impairment contributes to collisions. Roadside saliva tests have become more accurate and cost-effective in recent years, particularly for the most commonly-used drugs. Drugs can cause you not to think through decisions before making them. When under the influence you have control over your body and who knows what would happen, it could be as extensive as waking up in the hospital or not waking up at all. The consequences are the same for drinking and driving pretty much. Driving while you are in an emotional state is very dangerous because this causes a mental distraction. Your mind could be on something else rather than seeing that pedestrian or seeing that light turn red. It is very important that you should not drive when you are in an emotional state! Pull over to the far side of the road or pull into a nearby parking lot to cool off or stay at home and refrain from
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