Six Women Of Salem Book Review

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Yasmin Valdez 11/23/15 History 1302 Book Review “Six Women of Salem” Book Review, By Marilyne K. Roach Marilynne K. Roach is a resident of Watertown, Massachusetts. She went on to graduate with a BFA from MCA (Massachusetts College of Art) but she uniquely gives credit to the public library systems for the rest of her education. This is very interesting to me because she says that libraries are what she owes to her education to. Because of all the books she reads she later turns out to be a great book writer herself. The library system really did impact Marilynne’s life drastically. But besides illustrating other writers work in history she also has written and illustrated many books of her own, this including “Six Women of Salem”. Before I read this book, heard, or even much less understood the history behind the Salem witch trails in my History or English classes, I really didn’t know much about the history of these horrible events that condemned a lot of innocent women to death. In, “Six Women of Salem” by, Marilynne K. Roach she does three major things that make her book extraordinary. First, her interesting style of writing skillfully strengthens the envelope of time in the book. Second, Roach masterfully answers any questions the reader or I may have or had about these Witch Trails. Third, K. Roach successfully illustrates to her readers the story of these horrid trials. In the stories of the six women, Roach helps us grasp events of the trials in the conditions

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