Sixties Culture Shows the Need to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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The sixties will always be a time looked back on with fond memories and great stories. Many things occurred during that time that shaped the way American culture. Rock & Roll, hippies, movements such as the civil rights, Woodstock, art, all new and fantastic things that were born out of this era and continue to bloom and influence our present day society. Although mostly left unsaid, drug use did play a major role throughout this time period and became almost an unspoken icon of the time. One of the more popularly known drugs is marijuana, then and now, and continues to become be more controversial as time progresses. Legalization has been a hot topic of discussion for a long period of time now, and although for many it is an intimidating …show more content…

Medical marijuana had been the last resort for Hester, being that she had never been a user herself, but felt there was no where else to turn while her son was “knocking on death doors,”(Mother gives son marijuana to treat autism). She described Joey to be hostile, dangerous, and that his weight plummeted to just forty six pounds while using thirteen conventional medications to try and stifle his erratic behavior, but unfortunately all seemed to be failing (Mother gives son marijuana to treat autism). The marijuana was baked into quarter sized brownies and given to him every couple of days, rather than the other medications that were given to him three times a day. After the first use of the marijuana Hester reported a significant change in her son within hours, he was requesting food he never had before, and he had a calm attitude. After regular use of medical marijuana he gained thirty eight pounds, maintaining a more stable and healthy weight, his temper had nearly ceased to exist, and began to show signs of communication. “He is now no longer a danger to himself or society, and is like a completely different boy,” Hester told Good Morning America. Not only did it affect his overall body and mind but also cut down his once thirteen medications down to only three medications, working on getting it down to only two (Mother gives son marijuana to treat autism). Joey’s psychiatrist stated “it’s affect on Joey’s brain

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