Ski Racing Research Paper

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If the average person was asked what ski racing is they would respond with either a blank look or refer to the olympics. They might be able to explain the idea or throw around some famous skiers names. Most likely they would just ponder the question and not really have a clue what ski racing entails. When I tell people I did alpine ski racing in high school they give me looks of shock. Most people do not even realize that it is a high school sport. Growing up in the mountains though it was always on my mind. Every winter the snow would fall and we would strap our feet into our ever too tight of boots, click into our skis, and pull down our goggles. From the time that I could walk I was on skis. Even before I was old enough to ski my mom would have me strapped to her in her backpack ready to zoom down the …show more content…

Until high school she was a follower. She was homeschooled until sixth grade and came into public school as an underdog. Sami was sweet and shy but liked by everyone. In high school she got in with my group of friends which helped her gain confidence. Everyone loved that her and I share not only the same first name but middle name as well. We were the Samantha Ann(e)s. Sami and I were never the closest pair out of our friends but she was always there to talk and listen when ever anything came up. Both of us had similar ways about us and bonded through our struggles. Sami was courageous. Nothing scared her. Our mothers used to cringe as she came flying down the mountain. Our Sophomore year Gabriella and Darby joined the ski team which added a new dynamic to our group. We went from three to five which as they say “the more the merrier.” Gabriella didn’t join our freshman year because she tore her ACL playing volley ball in the fall. Darby and Sami had grown inseparable during the prior year so obviously Darby joined the ski team with

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