Skills and Intellect of President Barack Obama Essay

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President Barack Obama is a name known around the world thanks to his political triumphs and historical presidency. He has an extensive educational background and has a strong political resume to match. In the book Reading Obama by James Kloppenberg, Kloppenberg not only applauded President Obama’s educational journey as a means to developing the necessary skills to be a leader, but also viewed Obama as an intellectual and philosophical president which he believes are unique characteristics only present in a minority of American historians. Kloppenberg uses Obama’s own publications, such as his published books as well as issues of the Harvard Law Review, as an analytical tool to develop what he believes is Obama’s political philosophy. While other presidents, such as Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, where viewed as extremely intelligent, Kloppenberg viewed Obama as a rare breed, an intellectual. Furthermore, Kloppenberg argues that given Obama’s ethical and academic merits, generated through his vast educational endeavors, Obama developed the essential skills and intellectual aptitude to lead our country as President of the United States.
In the course of President Obama’s educational accomplishments, as a student at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School in addition to being a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School, Obama developed a sense of intellectual virtues. Kloppenberg explains that Obama was a student during a time of intellectual…