Skin Tone And Racism Analysis

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When I was younger I always got teased because of my skin tone. It always bothered me. Sometimes I would just look in the mirror and wonder why things could not have been different. Why did I have to be born with this color? What did everyone have against my skin tone? My insecurities followed me up to high school, and it eventually became part of the reason why I was depressed. During the summer of my junior year, I started to watch YouTube videos that discussed dark skinned women. Some of them good, and most of them bad. See…many people view darker toned women as mean, rude, and ratchet. Ignorance at its best. It did not take me long to realize that these discomforting adjectives came from black men. The same group of people who I thought were supposed to support me and make me feel beautiful actually made me feel like trash. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to be denied of beauty due to the amount of melanin in the skin is outrageous. To be quickly judged by a tone, and nothing else is foolish. The same men who worry about police brutality and racism fail to understand the problem they …show more content…

I actually felt pretty…”flaws” and all. The realization that the black community suffered from colorism made me feel…good. I felt this way, because I finally figured out that I should not let ignorance make me feel like nothing. I could only hope that many other black girls come to this conclusion. To erase other men’s disgust from their minds. To delete rude remarks from their memories. It does not take much for any certain idea to be imprinted into a young child’s mind. For a child to grow up thinking darker is worse should be unthinkable. No one should let other people define self-beauty. Beauty works from the inside to the out, and if our youth in the black community was taught this, then many little girls would not have to ask the same questions I asked when I was

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