Slab-On-Ground Flooring Essay

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Slab-on-ground flooring is a more practical floor system for houses all year round. My house has slabs on ground. This floor has direct contact with the ground underneath and therefore the thermal mass is greater. It is practical because the temperature underneath rises creating a natural form of insulation.
In the summer, the earth can resist heat from penetrating the tiles/slabs. It also provides a cool surface for occupants to radiate heat to (or conduct to, with bare feet). This increases comfort and there for the thermal performance is better.

The following roof section shows what the roof construction consists of. It shows a timber frame with a layer of insulation of 0.6. The insulation stops heat from existing or
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The window type in the old plan were slide windows. The design improvement plan for windows were louvres. This helps block out the sun in the early morning and late sunsets in the summer and keep the house at a comfortable temperature.
Skylight windows are also an alternative source of natural light which can affect the thermal temperature and help reduce so it is at a level of comfort. Skylights are useful as it saves energy as no artificial lighting is needed and are eco-friendly.
Insulation is one of the most important house materials that regulates thermal temperatures. A well-insulated and well-designed home can provide comfort for the whole year. The original house plan contains no insulation is the walls or floors, however it contains a minimum of 0.1 in the roof and ceiling. This had to be altered and insulation was added in between the 2 brick layers in the brick cavity wall. The floor didn’t need any as its slabs and tiles. For the insulation in between the walls, I increased it to 150 mm so it could increase the thermal performance and retain the heat more. It is used as it slows convectional heat flow. The following diagram shows the thickness of the insulation in a brick cavity wal

The carpet flooring was changed to tiles as the slabs keep them cool and release at night at kept cool as it retains heat. It had to be changed as carpet has low thermal mass and isn’t very suitable for
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