Slave Rebellions

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"Slave owners had the right to beat, whip, brand, or imprison slaves for petty offenses or for attempted escape. Owners vied with each other in creating imaginative punishments, as historian Kenneth M. Stampp relates: A Maryland tobacco grower forced a hand [slave] to eat the worms he failed to pick off tobacco leaves. A Mississippian gave a runaway a wretched time by requiring him to sit at the table and eat his evening meal with the white family. A Louisiana planter humiliated disobedient male field-hands by giving them "women's work" such as washing clothes, by dressing them in women's clothing, and by exhibiting them on a scaffold wearing a red flannel cap" (Streissguth 13). How did slaves react to the cruel treatment of slave owners? …show more content…

Nat Turner planned a revolt for ten years before it actually occurred. Even though the revolt took long for Nat Turner to plan, he put thought and much contemplation about the revolt which explains why it was so successful. "Turner was cautious, got to know all the people and what they were like as he planned" (Bisson 53). Nat Turner was able to plan for a long period of time and spend so much attention to his plan of rebellion because

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