Slavery Is The Key For Achieving Freedom

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In today’s society, we take many things for granted because they come easy to us. Education, in many of our lives, is something that is dreaded, something that we do only because we have to. But 200 years ago, things were much different. Slavery unfortunately existed in our society, and slaves weren’t granted the gift of education. By not having an education, they were not able to completely understand their situation, and therefore unable to get out of it. Slaves had a limited option in achieving freedom, and in order to do so, they had to become educated, enough to be able to understand slavery, and they had to be religious to be able to see through the hypocrisy of the religious slaveholders.

For slaves, education is the key to achieving freedom. It develops one’s sense of curiosity, and allows the mind to question things, and to develop it’s own ideas and opinions. For slaves, the gift of education was rare, but if one was lucky enough to have it, they began to see the true nature of slavery, and it made them more likely to try and become free. When Frederick Douglass was a young boy, he befriended a few white children who gave him a glimpse of what having an education is like. When remembering this important time in his life, he says, “With their kindly aid, at different times and different places, I finally succeeded in learning to read” (66-67). The young boys gave Douglass a book, called the Columbian Orator, the first book he had ever laid hands on. This

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