Slavery : The Ironic Cornerstone Of The American Republic Essay

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Slavery: The Ironic Cornerstone of the American Republic
Slavery is the greatest paradox in American history. Slavery represents the biggest contradiction between the ideals of liberty that fuel the American Revolution and America’s actual practice after the constitution. America called for a break from Britain to be able to get the liberty, equality and justice they believed mankind deserve. The American fight for freedom was almost hypocritical for many Americans would continue to own enslaved people, denying them their chance at freedom. Blacks were concurrently calling for their freedom when the colonies were, but there were too many oppositions at the time.
This paragraph focuses on the growing economic ties with slavery. The importation of slaves was not truly essential to the colonists economy until the 17th century. Slavery had existed in north america before the colonists arrived but it was not as popular as it would soon become. As colonists began to settle the western lands of the atlantic ocean, the space for plantations to expand became possible and having indentured servants as workers was popular. Indentured servitude was preferred over slavery until Bacon 's Rebellion of 1676, which is the first rebellion in the colonies. When Governor William Berkeley of Virginia denied the access of colonists moving westward onto indian lands, Nathaniel Bacon and a group of formerly indentured servants took it in their own hands to drive out the indians living in the

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